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By Jerry Sandusky

ISBN-10: 1571670874

ISBN-13: 9781571670878

A compilation of drills designed to boost and improve all simple talents for linebacker play. Well-illustrated in an easy-to-understand type. comprises warm-up drills, stance drills, stream drills, tackling drills, laying off blockers drill, run safeguard drills, and move dashing drills.

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Page 21 Drill #11: Sprint-Gather Objective: To teach linebackers to maintain a good defensive stance while sprinting forward. Equipment Needed: A football. Description: The coach has the linebackers spread out in one or more lines facing him. On command from the coach, the linebackers should sprint forward at full speed, then gather themselves, coming under control in a good hitting position. Coaching Points: The importance of linebackers being able to come under control in a good hitting position after sprinting should be stressed.

The offense has three plays it runs at the defense. The defense must react to each play, pursue the ball, and touch the offensive player with the ball. Initially, each play is walked through by all players. After a few times, all plays are run at full speed. The first play involves a simple down-the-line option play where the quarterback (QB) runs along the line of scrimmage and pitches the ball to the nearest running back (RB). The second play involves having the quarterback drop back and throw a flare pass to a running back.

Equipment Needed: A football. Description: The drill involves three playersone acting as a quarterback, one serving as a ballcarrier, and one designated as a linebacker. The quarterback lines up on a hash mark, with the ballcarrier positioned approximately three yards directly behind him. The linebacker faces the quarterback, approximately 8 - 10 yards down field. On command from the coach, the quarterback can either pitch the ball immediately to the running back or run the optionboth toward the sideline.

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