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Is practically wanting, as the nouns to it, according to the Old Slavonic system, belonging go into other declensions. This declension (2) H-STEMS. ' Plur. Sing. N. BptMC BphMCHa G. na sptwe na BptMe na D. A. V. na BP-LMCHR BptMe BptMe Of. also paMO, ' the shoulder/ (3) paMeea. C-STEMS. * a wonder/ unchanged throughout the TfflO, In the and ly^ca, in all cases of the plural. E. g. , pi. same way are declined He6o, or ( ne6e, the sky,' TBJLO, 14 ' BULGARIAN GRAMMAR. the body/ CJOBO, ' a word/ If we look at the 0.

D2 ; iterative when 36 BULGARIAN GRAMMAR. become perfective; durative, and some perfective. Durative verbs (e) become iterative (/) Verba denominativa, already durative, become verba deverbativa, already iterative, perfective ; durative. 1 become The 1. suffix of the infinitive in O. S. was -TH, but mentioned, has completely disappeared from Bulgarian, and the infinitive is expressed by the conjunction #a with the present indicative. this, as previously The supine found in 0. S. has gone. The first past participle active (or gerund) 2.

The student must continually keep this table in mind. It is imof Slavonic grammar at the outset : possible to master this difficult part 1 it can only be done by familiarity with Bulgarian books. THE VERB. g. 6o#fexT>, I was piercing/ I was going/ noHei'fcx'B, I was reading/ It ' 3. ' 37 ' is a favourite tense for purposes of description. 4. Pres. participle active is lost in Bulgarian ; its place supplied by Kaio with the indicative, or by adverbs in -eniKOM'B, which form is used like a Latin gerund ; is ' as, iLiaHemKOMt, weeping/ ' HrpefflKoarB, sporting/ but traces of a present participle are to be found in the popular songs which have in so many instances remained true to the older forms of the language.

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