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By Jaroslav Pelikan

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The SCM Theological remark sequence at the Bible is a groundbreaking sequence that recovers classical theological statement for the twenty first century church. The commentaries presuppose the doctrinal culture of the Christian church as a residing and trustworthy foundation for exegesis and are born out of the conviction that dogma clarifies instead of obscures.

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15 The range of that freedom of the Spirit is also the theological presupposition for the varieties of how Christians have experienced conversion, whether they were instantaneously "born anew" Oohn 3:3) or "were persuaded" (ErrElo6T]ouv) 13. BDAG 794. 14. Chr. Trad. 2:183-98. 15. Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed 8 (CCF 1:162-63); Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed: Occidental Recension 8 (CCF 1:672). 51 2:1 ACT S (17:4) gradually, sometimes almost imperceptibly, through the preaching and teaching of the word of God (~9:1-4).

56 The three references in Acts (21 :40; 22:2; 26: 14) to someone, Paul in the first two and Jesus in the third, speaking Tft 'E~pat8t 6lctAEKTtp mean ''Aramaic'' and not Hebrew, as does the reference in the Gospel of John to the three languages of the inscription on the cross ofJesus: 'E~pct·(aTL, 'PwfIctXaTL, 'EAAllvlaTL Oohn 19:20). Nor, for that matter, is there incontrovertible evidence (though there may be some indication) that the writer of Acts was acquainted with any other Greek translation from the Hebrew than the Septuagint, much less that he himself could have made such a translation or even corrected the Septuagint on his own.

Together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus. The RSV rendering of mJV in 1: 14 as "together with:' rather than simply "with," as in the AV, serves to emphasize association rather than mere accompaniment, and therefore the solidarity of the disciples then, and of the church ever since, with Mary the mother of Jesus, as well as the unique and special place of the one who on the basis of Luke's Gospel has been saluted as "blessed ... among women" (Luke 1:42) in the Christian community from the very beginning.

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