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In a trinomial problem this is what happens. At left is the written method and at right the abacus method. This means that the numbers handled in the Japanese abacus method as opposed to the Western written method are smaller and simpler, on the other hand, the number of manipulations required is larger. Nevertheless, once an operator becomes accustomed to using this Japanese method he can obviously do a problem faster than he would have been able to on paper. EXAMPLE 1: Find the square root of 625.

This gives you a total of 680 on FGH (Fig. 134). STEP 5: Multiplying the 2 remaining on C by 10, set the product 20 on EF. This makes a total of 2 680 on EFGH. Finally, multiplying the same 2 on C by 2, add the product 4 to the 6 on F, and clear C of the 2. This gives you a total of 3 080 on EFGH (Fig. 135). The answer is 3 080 d. 45 Advanced Abacus Japanese Theory and Practice, by Takashi Kojima NOTE: Experts usually save the trouble of setting such simple multipliers as 20 and 12 on the board.

NOTE: In borrowing from B, you may add 24 to the 12 on DE, and subtract 17 from the sum 36. This gives you the same result 19. STEP 4: Since you cannot subtract 48 from the 43 on GH, borrow 1 from the 9 on E, and subtracting 48 from 60, add the result 12 to the 43 on GH. This makes 55 on GH. Now you have 12 on AB, 18 on DE, and 55 On GH. The answer is 12 days 18 hours 55 minutes (Fig. 156). EXAMPLE 3: In the above example, the second and fourth compound numbers are to be added, and the third to be subtracted.

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