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By Dogan Ibrahim

ISBN-10: 0750686111

ISBN-13: 9780750686112

This publication is perfect for the engineer, technician, hobbyist and scholar who've wisdom of the fundamental rules of PIC microcontrollers and wish to improve extra complicated purposes utilizing the 18F sequence. The structure of the PIC 18FXXX sequence in addition to average oscillator, reset, reminiscence, and input-output circuits is totally specific. After giving an advent to programming in C, the ebook describes the undertaking improvement cycle in complete, giving information of the method of enhancing, compilation, blunders dealing with, programming and using particular improvement instruments. the majority of the booklet supplies complete information of attempted and proven hands-on initiatives, equivalent to the 12C BUS, USB BUS, CAN BUS, SPI BUS and real-time working structures. * a transparent creation to the PIC 18FXXX microcontroller's structure * 20 initiatives, together with constructing instant and sensor community functions, utilizing I2C BUS, USB BUS, CAN BUS and the SPI BUS, which provide the block and circuit diagram, application description in PDL, application directory and application description. * various examples of utilizing developmental instruments: simulators, in-circuit debuggers (especially ICD2) and emulators * A CDROM of the entire courses, hex listings, diagrams, information sheets and tables

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If we add the mantissa of the numbers without considering the decimal points, we get: (1)000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 (1)100 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 þ (10)100 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 To normalize the number, shift it right by one digit and then increment its exponent. 75. 23 BCD Numbers BCD (binary coded decimal) numbers are usually used in display systems such as LCDs and 7-segment displays to show numeric values. In BCD, each digit is a 4-bit number from 0 to 9. 4 shows the BCD numbers between 0 and 20.

Com PIC18F Microcontroller Series 49 The bottom portion of the diagram shows the timers/counters, capture/compare/PWM registers, USART, A/D converter, and EEPROM data memory. The PIC18F452 consists of:  4 timers/counters  2 capture/compare/PWM modules  2 serial communication modules  8 10-bit A/D converter channels  256 bytes EEPROM The oscillator circuit, located at the left side of the diagram, consists of:  Power-up timer  Oscillator start-up timer  Power-on reset  Watchdog timer  Brown-out reset  Low-voltage programming  In-circuit debugger  PLL circuit  Timing generation circuit The PLL circuit is new to the PIC18F series and provides the option of multiplying up the oscillator frequency to speed up the overall operation.

0 volts, at speeds from DC to 40MHz. com PIC18F Microcontroller Series 45 Most devices in the PIC18F family are source compatible with each other. 1 gives the characteristics of some of the popular devices in this family. This chapter offers a detailed study of the PIC18FXX2 microcontrollers. The architectures of most of the other microcontrollers in the PIC18F family are similar. The reader may be familiar with the programming and applications of the PIC16F series. Before going into the details of the PIC18F series, it is worthwhile to compare the features of the PIC18F series with those of the PIC16F series.

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